About Us

Our Story

Benson Gascon (Founder & Operator) of BENSON GASCON STUDIOS GMBH, is the person behind how the studio founded uniquely. The founder started tattooing since 2007 and been traveling globally learning the culture and quality of different tattoos. Having finished an International Foundation of Fine Arts at the University for the Creative Arts, England, UK, he then incorporated the unique approach of contemporary fine art and tattooing in one creative concept. By 2016 Benson moved to Switzerland and opened the studio and within less than four months he then realized that the demand of the crowd was very high.

Therefore, he gathered all the best and only the best tattoo artist around the world to team up with. Consistently producing the best and highest quality of tattoos what makes BENSON GASCON STUDIOS and the rest of the creative team the best and the finest quality tattoo studio in Switzerland.

Our Vision

Quality. Value. Satisfaction.

Producing the best and highest quality of tattoo art is our top priority. We Value the voice, unique stories, and ideas in every piece. It is our pleasure and honor to see and make all our clients Satisfied in having them wear our brand on their skin

Our Mission

Uniqueness. Art. Expression.

To creatively realize everyone’s Unique ideas into wonderful pieces. To spread the highest level of tattoo art. And to express the deepest part of your artistic side.

What We Do

Tattoo and Art

Tattoo art is one of the highest-level art contemporarily.

It is very complex that it involves an appropriate hygienic approach.

Tattoo art is very unique because of the high risk of having them marked on your skin for the rest of your life. Hence, getting a tattoo isn’t just like buying easy stuff in the store. You have to be sure and responsible for your choice otherwise you will end up regretting having a bad one. Providing the best quality of tattoos and experience is who we are at BENSON GASCON STUDIOS. Quality clients deserve quality service! For us, we don’t just do your tattoo instead, we relate, connect, and give the best experience that will always remind you whenever you see our brand on your skin. It is our pleasure to make your tattoo memorable forever. That’s who we are and that’s what we do.