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30 Mandala Tattoo Ideas and Templates 2023

Mandala is the Sanskrit word that means “circle” and symbolizes balance, eternity, unity, and perfection. 

The mandala tattoo patterns and images start from a central point and radiate outward in a circular pattern, and are made up of numerous other images or patterns.

Often they are highly complex and detailed sets of images.

Mandalas are beautiful symbols that have long been used in many cultures. If you are looking for a symbol with meaning, a mandala is definitely your choice.

Here, Our samples of the Best Mandala Tattoo Ideas & Designs:

1. Hamsa Mandala Side- Rib Tattoo

mandala tattoo eye

This hand with two symmetrical thumbs pointing downwards or outwards is called the hamsa hand or “hand of God”. The eye symbol represents protection, it brings good luck and positivity to the wearer and protects the wearer from evil or negative energy.

The essence may vary in terms of religions and cultures, the important is the connection and spirituality of these designs come and resonates with you.

2. Flower Water Color Side-Rib Tattoo

mandala tattoo rib

The mandala design is undeniably stunning, the intricate patterns could form a shape or image.

This floral mandala tattoo has a blossoming effect that symbolizes femininity, growth, and rebirth. With this design, you could always customize it to make it more personal and unique.

Like, with this watercolor mandala tattoo the red and blue color palette did an additional effect on the design that made it more beautiful.

3. Animal/ Dog Back Tattoo

mandala tattoo dog

It is not usual to see a dog mandala tattoo as it is not commonly used, unlike the mandala elephant tattoo.

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend, there is no doubt about it.

Through mind and body, this dog mandala spine tattoo somehow resonates with the owner or wearer’s love and affection for her loyal friend.

4. Koi Chest Tattoo

mandala tattoo fish

Two koi fish tattoos are placed in the form of a circular or “circle shape popularly known as the yin and yang form symbolizing the duality and harmony of life.

It could also mean acceptance of the ups and downs that life may bring. This design has fewer details than most mandalas but the dotwork is astounding.

5. Back Shoulder Sunflower

shoulder mandala tattoo

This shoulder blade tattoo is impressively beautiful that draws the eyes of anyone who could see it.

The sophisticated abstract pattern is perfectly combined together to create a beautiful mandala artwork, and the bold black lines and the black outlines give emphasis and character to the whole image.

Creating your own mandala design will not only makes it different but is also a great tool for meditation as you have the freedom to express yourself.

6. Owl -Thigh tattoo

mandala tattoo thigh

An owl tattoo is special and unique thanks to its deep definition. Often associated with wisdom, secrets, and intelligence and it plays an integral role in many cultures.

The combination of the image and the mandala gives a powerful and positive value. This design is not only a way to explore the spiritual world, but also a way to focus on what really matters in life.

7. Lower chest Mandala Tattoo

mandala tattoo center chest

This aesthetic lotus art is the best choice for women as it represents enlightenment and purity of the soul.

There is something beautiful about a lotus emerging from the muddy waters and blossoming into a beautiful flower. The understanding behind this is what attracts women to have this design, the spiritual symbol relates to their femininity.

8. Elbow Mandala Art

mandala tattoo elbow color

The layers of multiple petals and the perfect combination of light and dark shading showed depth and texture to this magnificent elbow tattoo. 

9. Lower Chest Tattoo

An accent hung at the top and the combination of Hamsa hand and lotus accessorizes the lower chest to the bottom of the abdomen and make one large design. It will certainly attract attention and impress onlookers. 

10. Back Lotus

mandala tattoo back

In contrast to other more complicated mandala tattoos, this design spine tattoo has less detail making it very clean and exquisite. Its kind of design enhances the view of your back, a simple mandala tattoo yet sophisticated.

11. Full-arm Mandala Style

mandala tattoo full arm

There are so many things going on in this mandala full-arm tattoo. The meticulous effort of the tattoo artist invested in creating all these details is absolutely impressive. The symmetrical pattern perfectly placed together is one of the most beautiful designs you could imagine.

12. Full-leg Mandala Art

full leg mandala tattoo

Featuring a well-proportioned petal grid backdrop, black & gray shading with an inner dot work, geometric pattern, and a centerpiece artwork that adorns this leg tattoo would immediately captivate the attention of onlookers as it showcased the wearer’s creativity.

13. Budha Mandala- Shoulder Tattoo

budha mandala tattoo

This Buddha head tattoo design and blossom petals surrounding it in the background denotes that the wearer is serious about her faith and devotion that she exhibits this on her skin.

This tattoo design visibly showcases the face of Buddha with the lotus flower blossoming in the background, conveying a message that the filth of the world would not defile our souls.

14. Lotus Mandala- Arm Tattoo

arm mandala tattoo design

To give it a more stylish lotus traditional mandala design, this mandala forearm tattoo adds dangling delicate work accents hanging from the lotus flower design to accessorize and make it more exquisite looking. Simplify design yet charming. 

15. Dreamcatcher- Upper arm

dream catcher mandala tattoo

Regardless of the symbolism of this simple mandala style, this dreamcatcher motif featuring the rose, the perfect circular shape, and the realistic feather is undeniably fascinating.

It is said that dreamcatchers represent protection and safety, it is a safeguard from anything that is negative like bad spirits, negative omens, and bad dreams. 

16. Feather – Rib Tattoo

feather mandala tattoo

This would be one of the best mandala art designs on the list. The fine line details meticulously carved on the shape of the feather are superb.

The placement of the tattoo might be painful areas to ink but with this beautiful outcome design, it is worth noting.

17. Floral Mandala Underboob Tattoo

breast mandala tattoo

This sternum lotus mandala ink with a tiny flower and ornament design shows a hint of sexiness and creativity.

The placement is a more intimate as not everyone will be able to see the inked, giving the wearer the choice to show it or keep it hidden.

18. Unalome Spine Mandala – Back Tattoo

spine mandala tattoo

Unalome tattoos can be considered masculine or feminine depending on the positioning of the symbol.

In this design, it exudes femininity, the line resembles life challenges as we thrive from the bottom to bloom and be the best version of ourselves– which the lotus flower on top stands for. 

19. Flower Mandala – Shoulder Tattoo

shoulder mandala tattoo

This floral tattoo lies on the shoulder blades, irradiating the sense of harmony as the petals are placed in a pleasing arrangement. It also uses the eight petals in the innermost line which represent the path to enlightenment. 

20. Lotus – Back Tattoo

lotus manadala tattoo design

A gorgeous back tattoo that will show off the nape and back area of the body is definitely an attention-getter, especially for ladies.

The simplicity of the lotus design on the top gives off a great sense of balance and tranquility.

21. Flower – Upper arm Tattoo

upper arm mandala tattoo design

Unique artistry exhibits this 3D flower style. Unlike other designs, this is far unique because the effects flower looks edgy.

The bold black ink and the shadings on the inner leaf of each petal made the design stand out. 

22. Wrap-around Wrist Mandala Tattoo

wrist manadala tattoo

Another stunning tattoo style that is wrapped around the hand and wrist is eye-catching.

This mandala floral armband tattoo with numerous layered petals and an incredible straight encircled line is very clean and fine. 

23. Thigh Mandala Art

thigh mandala tattoo design

The fine line work of this thigh tattoo implies the idea that everything is connected. The symmetrical patterns are aligned accordingly and the black and grey ink gives emphasis to the form of the tattoo.

The embellishment of the dotted work with the diamond-shaped ornament dangling on it made it look so elegant and classy. 

24. Arm Mandala Tattoo

arm madala tattoo design

Compared to the first forearm tattoo, this design is quite complex as there are many shapes applied to this.

But nevertheless, the fine line work and detailed proportion are impressive and would certainly draw the eye of the onlookers. 

25. Back Lotus

black mandala back

This huge back tattoo with the combination of geometry, lotus flower, and owl in one motif is the best mandala featured tattoo.

The collaboration of the skilled tattoo artist and the creativity of the wearer is primarily essential in achieving a larger tattoo and this kind of masterpiece.

26. Lotus -Arm

Benson Tattoo Studio Mandala Forearm Design Tattoo

The dark and light combination of shading adds volume and texture to this arm tattoo. Longer than the usual mandala lotus tattoo art, this masterpiece brings a unique and deeper sense to the wearer.

It somehow conveys the obstacle that he/she passed that hindered her/him from seeing the light that they are searching for.

27. Minimal Lotus Mandala

minimal mandala tattoo design

This tattoo style is simple yet stunning and can be customized to fit your own personal style.

If you’re looking for a small yet impactful tattoo, a minimal mandala is a perfect choice.

28. Lion Mandala

mandala lion design

A lion design is a perfect way to show your strength and power.

This tattoo art is simple and elegant, and it can be done in a variety of styles. If you want a tattoo that will make a statement, a lion mandala is a perfect choice.

29. Butterfly With Flowers Mandala

Butterfly manala tattoo

This tattoo style features a butterfly surrounded by detailed mandala flowers, symbolizing perfect harmony between the two elements.

The butterfly design is perfect for anyone who wants to express their inner beauty and spirituality.

30. Half-Moon With Lotus

back half moon mandala

This art design is perfect for those who want to show their creative side.

The half-moon tattoo is a great way to express your individuality.


Hence, if you are looking for a mandala art design it is highly recommended to understand its significance first to have an idea and create a motif that has a unique definition that will surely have a significant attribute to yourself as the tattoo is a permanent art piece. 

The Mandala tattoos fit seamlessly with any style and design. The possibility of it being associated with different shapes or images will mesmerize you as you will have many options to choose from, of course in connection to your own preferences. 

Here at Benson Gascon Studio, you could customize and collaborate with our artists to pull off the best, most unique design, and most meaningful design that fits your liking. We customize your tattoo idea from Maori, geometric, Fineline, and more.

Just contact us for inquiries and bookings.

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