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Realistic Tattoo

Check out our selection of realistic tattoos that are perfect for anyone who wants a realistic ink job.

From traditional tattoos to more modern designs, we’ve got the perfect tattoo for you.


Realistic tattoo is regarded as one of the most challenging tattoo styles as it necessitates exceptional artistic skill and normally requires specialized training from an incredibly talented tattooist.

This combination makes it a great possibility for the execution of images and objects accurately.

While we love all kinds of realism and surrealism, there’s a special place in our hearts for photorealism, which is a specific style of realism that uses photographic techniques to transform your work into something real-life photograph. 

Realist artists are skilled to capture the subtle shade of light and shadow, as well as incorporating detail into their work that would be impossible to achieve with traditional means. 

The subject matters, this means that if you have an idea for a realistic art tattoo design, but aren’t sure how to execute it, or if you’re looking for a new take on realism unlike the American traditional tattoos look (or just want to try new tattoo ideas), we know you want to aim the tattoo that defines the expressive and definite meaning and you want your art to be as beautiful and life-affirming as possible. 

We believe that there’s no better way to express your authentic self than through a realistic tattoo.

At Benson Gascon Studios, we want to help you get there. We provide high-quality work by experienced professionals who are dedicated to creating beautiful, lifelike images on your skin of yours. Our goal is to help you find your style and create fine art that reflects who you are as an individual.

We offer realistic tattoos as well as surrealism, and other styles that differ from mainstream realism types that allow you to absorb the exposure of fine lines and full color in your design and realistic art-inspired iconography from known artists around the world.

Our artists have years of experience creating portraits of people with varying skin tones and complexions, so no matter what kind of person you are or what kind of look you’re going for, we’ll make sure that when we’re finished with your portrait it will match whatever image you’ve been envisioning all along!

Choosing a tattoo studio that has the best realism tattoo artist is one of the essentials and top tier. Come and explore Benson Gascon Studios and transform your concept into a masterpiece. Book a tattoo session appointment now, our artists are ready and waiting for you!

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